Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson

TurboFire is one of the latest fitness program from Beachbody, created by fitness guru Chalene Johnson famous for programs like Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme. This workout is an intense cardio conditioning program utilizing the latest trend in fitness, high-intensity interval training (HIIT). TurboFire was conceived by Chalene as the next generation to her popular Turbo Jam workouts.

The routines are a combination of kickboxing, boot camp, traditional aerobics, and dance. The music is motivating, and the beat keeps you powering through the moves. The workouts were filmed in a fun class setting, but you won't have to reserve a spot like you would for Chalene's live classes. As the slogan says, Chalene saved you the best spot in class.

We really love three things about TurboFire. First, the HIIT training WORKS. We've seen some dramatic results among our clients and ourselves from HIIT training. Second, the music is absolutely phenomenal. Music drives us to push harder and to burn more calories... music IS important! Third, this program has a "low option shadower". In other words, low impact options are being shown by one of the ladies on the video for the entire workout, so any level of fitness can find success, yet find that they have a lot of room to grow!

What does the Turbo Fire workout package include?

The system comes with eleven DVDs and twelve workouts. There is a beginner's guide, a fitness guide, a nutrition plan, and a workout calendar for twelve weeks. You get the 5 Day Inferno Plan to jump start your transformation. It also comes with a lower-body resistance band, so all you need to supply are free weights. You can upgrade to the Advanced program to get additional workouts and an extra eight weeks of classes.

12 Workouts on 11 DVDs:

  • Fire Classes: Intense cardio workouts, throw punches, kick and dance
  • HITT Classes: High Interval Training workouts
  • Core Classes: Workouts focused on your core and abs
  • Sculpt/Tone Classes: Resistance workouts to develop your muscles
  • Stretch Classes: Designed to increase flexibility and lengthen your muscles

Support Tools:

  • Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide: Undestand how HIIT and TurboFire work
  • TurboFire Class Schedule: Just follow this schedule and you will see the results
  • TurboFire Lower Body Band: Body Sculpting band

  • 3 FREE Gifts:

    • Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide: Easy-to-prepare snacks and recipes to feed your body right
    • 5-Day Inferno Plan: You can lose up to 10 pounds in 5 days with this plan
    • 24/7 Online Support: Stay motivated with easy access to fitness experts, friends, and live chats with Chalene.

    • So how does TurboFire help you burn calories and fat faster than ever?

      HIIT is a form of cardio where you work as hard as you can for less than a minute, then perform a working recovery. During the high-intensity intervals, you push yourself to your max. Then you take it down a level to catch your breath as you do lower-intensity exercises.

      Once you've recovered, you start the pattern over again. Research has shown that HIIT training can burn up to nine times more calories than traditional cardio, this is called the after burn efect. So you do shorter, more intense workouts to get better results.

      And it doesn't end there, since your body uses more energy all day repairing your muscles your metabolism stays higher, for up to 24 hours after your workout. This is how professional athletes are training, so why shouldn't you?

      TurboFire is a fun, fast program to get you motivated to stay fit, get over a weight loss plateau, and into the best shape of your life. Why wouldn't you want to burn 9 times more fat and calories, build lean muscle, and work out with one of the most sought after trainers in the country?

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