Introducing Tropical Strawberry

Made with sweet, juicy strawberries, plus natural tropical fruits like tangy pineapple, luscious papaya, tart camu-camu, and smooth banana. You’ll love the light, refreshing fruity flavor—you’ll be amazed that it’s 100 percent vegan, lactose-free, and dairy-free!

Since Beachbody introduced the Healthiest Meal of the Day® in 2009, it’s been their goal to create a truly delicious vegan shake. The biggest challenge was capturing vegan goodness without grittiness. Beachbody found the solution in the creamy smoothness of our unique blend of sprouted, bio-fermented plant proteins, which provide unprecedented ease of digestion,* as well as 9 essential amino acids. Try it and you’ll see—100 percent vegan has never tasted this good!

Why try the New Vegan Shakeology?

  • All of the key ingredients come from natural whole foods.
  • The vegan formula offers you the easiest digestion and assimilation.
  • The 100 percent vegan, lactosefree,and dairy-free formula can help you manage your weight, as well as helping support your immune system, protect your long-term health, and give you energy.

  • Tropical Strawberry is slightly more expensive than the other two Shakeology flavors. Why is that?

The art of making Tropical Shakeology completely VEGAN means finding unique (and expensive) protein alternatives to whey isolate. Beachbody has secured the absolute best protein blend, from entirely plant sources, to make Tropical Shakeology. The protein used is raw, sprouted, bio-fermented brown rice. It’s expensive stuff, but so worth it! It has all 9 essential amino acids and gives the perfect balance for a nutritional supplement. And unlike most other plant based proteins, this formulation is not grainy or chalky.

Tropical Shakeology carries a $7.50 price increase over the Chocolate and Greenberry (to partially offset the much higher cost of the rare plant protein sources used). I can assure you, though, we are getting a phenomenal deal on this product. Beachbody’s margin on Shakeology was already lower than that of any of their competitors, and the $7.50 price increase on Tropical doesn’t even begin to cover the true added expense of the formulation improvements. Shakeology is expensive because the stuff in it is the best stuff on the planet, and it’s not processed, extracted, or tampered with in any way. It’s the way nature intended it to be.

Try it RISK FREE for 30 days

Click here to try Tropical Strawberry. Remember, there is a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee!

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