What is the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse?

The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is a great way to either jump start weight loss or beat the plateau that you may have hit. Others like to purchase a cleanse in order to try Shakeology before they purchase a full month's supply. If you plan to use it as a cleanse, you will remove harmful toxins from your body while getting top quality nutrients that your body needs. Shakeology is nutrient dense (check out the labels for Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, and Greenberry), so do not fear. You will still get adequate nutrition. You will not starve or feel lethargic. My energy levels remained the same. I went about my routine without feeling tired.

How do I get the cleanse?

To purchase the cleanse, please contact us via Facebook, email, or phone. The cleanse is not available through the Beachbody website and comes from our own personal supply.

How much is the cleanse?

The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is $45 plus $6 in shipping (no shipping if you are local and can meet up with us). We accept payments through Paypal, cash (if you are local), and money orders.

What comes with the Shakeology 3 day cleanse?

You will get 9 packets of Chocolate Shakeology when you purchase the cleanse.

What do I need to know to do the cleanse?

  • 3 Shakeology shakes per day
  • 2 cups of green tea per day
  • 1 or 2 pieces of fruit per day (optional)
  • 1 salad for dinner-can include fish or poultry
  • No dairy or extra sugars (this includes almond and soy milk)!
  • Drink 2 to 4 liters of water every day
  • Only use low-fat dressings, and go easy on the salt and/or pepper to taste
  • 2 snacks before/after any of the major meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Power-workout participants (those who are already super conditioned) are advised to consume higher numbers of calories
  • For maximum results, do NOT use additives
  • Dinner salad may include WHITE GRILLED PROTEIN-poultry or fish only

What do I eat every day during the Shakeology 3 day cleanse?

  • 1 cup of green tea to start the day
  • Breakfast:
    1 scoop Shakeology (140 calories)
    1/2 cup of fruit (60 to 90 calories)-optional
    Ice to taste
    8 to 10 oz. of water
  • Snack 1:
    (85 calories): 1 piece of fruit (apple, pear, orange, banana mango, etc.)
  • Lunch:
    1 scoop Shakeology (140 calories)
    Ice to taste 8 to 10 oz. of water
    1 cup of green tea or a detox tea
  • Snack 2 (you can have the second snack before or after dinner):
    1 scoop Shakeology (140 calories)
    Ice to taste 8 to 10 oz. of water
  • Dinner:
    Salad with grilled white fish or poultry (roughly 340 calories)
    Greens-3 servings of vegetables
    plus 4 oz. of grilled white meat (fish or poultry)
    2 tablespoons of dressing-no more!

How many calories will I consume per day?

800 to 1,100 calories per day

How often can I do the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse?

  • Ideally, you should do it once per quarter (every 3 months)
  • As the seasons change
  • When you start a new workout program
  • When you feel you need help breaking through a plateau

Should/Can I still do my workouts during the Cleanse?

  • Depends on the individual
  • You’ll have less energy, so consider doing it during your recovery week
  • Don’t do it in the middle of P90X or Insanity

Can I do a 1-day or a 2-day cleanse instead of a 3-day?

  • Yes, some people will see results in one or two days!
  • It is not recommended to do the cleanse for longer than 3 days.

Should/Can I take other Beachbody® supplements during the Cleanse?

  • No Beachbody Recovery Drink as it as too much sugar.
  • All other Beachbody supplements are not necessary but won’t hurt.
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